Any Interest in Bmore Tasting?

I have brought this up at times but is anyone interested in a tasting in Baltimore. We just moved to Hampden and I would be happy to host a tasting if anyone was actually willing to come up.

This would also allow people to tick some breweries around as well. I live very close to Peabody Heights, Waverly, and the new Union location. Five & Dime (an Oliver’s location) is just blocks away. Nepenthe is also supposed to open in the fall but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Also would be a kid friendly tasting.

I understand if Bmore isn’t worth the drive for most but I figure I should ask. No particular date in mind, sometime in October/November. So anyone interested?

@maniac I am hoping I can at least get the one other local RBian to come.
@sloth maybe you would be willing to make the trek from Cecil-land.

Myself and Betsy can probably make it. My calendar is a bit of a mess until the end of October, but I’m open to suggestions. We’ll be at the Maryland Microbrewery Festival in Westminster (running the homebrew comp) if you want to join on Sept 29th - more bonus points if you want to judge.

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November would be a possibility for me.


Doubt you’ll see this redneck in yer part of merlind but appreciate the offer! I enjoyed the few mini tastings we had though! Good luck with your new new digs, Eugene! Yer a brave soul. Rate on my friend.

I might be down

@Iphonephan @maniac @solidfunk

I’m game for any weekend in November prior to Turkey day. Open to suggestions.

one last bump and I will let this die.

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the sound of taps softly playing …