Any new beers on the market shock you recently?

As I have been broadening my horizons for several years in the beer world, I feel like it has become much easier to predict what to expect from any selection I make at local breweries and liquor stores. National brands tend to stick to a specific “winning” formula as well, and nothing really felt surprising to me. That changed when I picked up Sam Adams NEIPA this weekend. I had zero expectations (never have been a Sam Adams guy) but this beer blew me away. It beat out breweries I really like in Sierra Nevada and New Belgium in the same category and I still cannot believe it. Got me thinking, any new beers on the market shock you guys recently? Cheers!
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All I can think of is that we’re to go buy Sam Adams NE IPA because it’s shockingly good. Because we can’t, you know, see what people think of it on this very site… (assuming the site currently isn’t broken!)

Have you purchased any Sam Adams - NE IPA yet? Apparently it shook OP.