Any Polish or other folks in the know ... drinking on PKP

Taking a train from Poznan to Warsaw in a few weeks.

Any restrictions in drinking alcohol on Polish railways?

Obviously not.

You say that but there used to be a ban, which is why I asked, but I’d heard a rumour this had been lifted.

Legal since 2011. Unless they banned it again at some point (seems unlikely).

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Cheers … I saw this article when googling last week.

It only talked about beer from the bar on the train and gave no mention of taking your own beer on board which is obviously what I want to do.

Did you successfully drink on the train? I have a couple of long journeys coming up so it would be handy to pass the time!

Yes we drank on 2 different trains.
Both in first class compartments.
No sign of a guard/ticket inspection on the first one but he came round on the second one and didn’t bat an eyelid at half a dozen bottles on the go!