Any suggestions for PDX March visit?

Hey all - it’s been far too long since I’ve had a trip that way. I will be in Portland next month as part of an Oregon vacation. Unlike my normal week, I’ll only be in Portland for a day or two. Are there any places that have opened in the past 18 months that I should try to make sure to visit?

I haven’t been yet, but I heard the new Modern Times location in Portland is an excellent stop. Other than that, the PDX crew probably has better suggestions.

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Yeah, looking forward to Modern Times. I will miss The Commons not being there though. Think the tiny brewpub version may have been my first PDX brewpub to visit.

tagging our most prolific oregonian ticker, @mcberko, for additional suggestions

Wayfinder has recently opened and is quite good if you’re looking for a new brewery to check out. Schilling Cider House also just opened up across the street from Cascade and is worth hitting if you’re into cider - 50 taps, all ciders, including some nice French and Spanish ones.

Cool - both of those sound fantastic. Really love that area just east of the river. Planning to hit Bushwacker Cider while there. Not sure how I’ve missed that place.