ANY Upcoming Plans to Visit CHS, SC? Let's do an IP!

Have plans to visit Charleston, SC at ANY point in the future? Let’s do an IP! My stash of local CHS offerings + a wide assortment of other what notz + WHALEz can be found listed on my “cellar” sheet linked below. Just shoot me a message if anything listed intrigues you!

I. Even it’s listed NFT I very well might probably be willing to part with it IF your offer(s) are too hard to put down!

Was planning South USA road trip next month which included Charleston. Hopefully next year it will be possible.

Word. I’ll still be here whenever this COVID-BS simmers down and flying abroad becomes a thing again! Am going to DM you to assure we stay in touch… :beers:

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I will follow the topic, I wonder how it will end. :facepunch:t2: