Any way to see who added beer availability info?

Recently I’ve noticed a weird trend where people add beers to a place that clearly doesn’t stock them.

For example, this place:

It does not stock Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch, trust me.

And this brewery, which claims to have Westy 12 (it’s a rather unpopular brewery that brews stodgy beers):

I removed about five of these fake availability claims in my area in mid-September (all places claimed to sell TG and/or Pliny, despite being brewpubs that only stock their own beers or low-key stores that don’t even sell US imports).

Anyway, is there any way of seeing who added this availability info. For the places above, for example?

Presumably it’s part of the continuing effort to make the site more like Untapped?

Many many moons ago you were able to see who added brews to places. You were also able to delete them if they weren’t available there.

You can still delete them. But it doesn’t seem to show show who added them though.