Any Word on the Sam Adams Summer Variety Pack Yet?

I know it’s very a bit early to ask, but of course we’ve seen some spring variety packs as early as late December, and things have gotten to the point where in many cases (Including in the case of Sam Adams), said packs are no longer even labeled as spring variety packs because they come and go before the beginning of spring, and summer variety packs start to appear in March in some areas from some brewers.

So, the odds are that the Sam Adams Summer Variety Pack is at least being brewed and bottled somewhere, and may even be in distributor warehouses. That means someone may know what’s in it.

Anyone heard or seen anything yet about the specific beers that are or may be included? Are they still going with the 3 bottles of 4 beers format they used for the spring/gameday pack? Or are they going back to the 2 bottles of 6 beers format? I like the 6 beer style format better because it gives one more variety for one’s buck, and if one doesn’t like one of the beer, it’s just 2 bottles per pack to get through. :slight_smile: