Any worh to buy supermarket beers in London?

I’m on short stay in London and have not much time to get some good beer. Is any of beers which I can get in some supermarket worth to try? Please give some suggestions which beer and in which store? Or some beer shop?

Much depends on what you mean by “good beer”. If you can get to Borough Market, and the Utobeer Market Stall, you should find some nice things. It’s closed on Sunday and Monday per this site.

I never miss a chance at a full size Sainsburys or Tesco. A Waitrose usually has a very nice selection. If you stay in the Earl’s Court area, one of each is in walking distance. Get addresses off the web before you go.

Welcome to RateBeer. Londons a big city. Best thing is to use the map feature, find where you’ll be going, and search out recommended stores nearby.

There are lots of outlets in London and a good spread of decent stores. Where are you staying and can probably point to good bottle shops/bars to pick up good beer