Any old fooks remember drinkin these oldies??




I’ll bet! MD. beers my friend! Wild Goose is still in business I think? These are leftovers from the original brewery. I save so much junk.

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I did not, but the bottle is very familiar as it was on an old brewery map my father bought years ago.

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I remember, I had a bunch of those beers around the time they were purchased by Flying Dog. Labels were similar, but I think they were all brown bottles, though my memory is really fuzzy at this point.

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I rated Wild Goose Amber back in 2006. It was my 36th rating ever. I gave it a 3.1. 24hrs later I rated Harpoon UFO a 3.7. I was a baby.


I’m an old geezer from PA and can’t remember any of those. Maybe its because I’m from far western PA?

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Probably. Wasn’t a lot of distro back then.

I wasn’t in the DC area yet back then.

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