Anyone around in London weekend pre GBBF?

Obviously there was always a Chriso pre GBBF shindig but not sure it’s happening this year? If not anyone around Saturday to Sunday 3 to 4th August for a few beers in that there London?

I won’t be able to make a pre-GBBF event this year. Had to make sacrifices to make GBBF and use some work time off before lose it.

I’m around Ian. What’s the best place to get in touch with Chris? Facebook?

If you mean for the pre-GBBF shindig I don’t believe it’s occurring this year due to works at the house.

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A bit off topic, as I won’t be around this weekend, but I will be there from Monday, so if there is anything going on next week, please let me know.
Looking forward to catching up with a lot of people.

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I will be in Cloudwater aroind 11am and then wondering around BBNo Moor etc

See you Tuesday at GBBF?

Hoping to at least be at GBBF on Tuesday!

Yep. I’ll be there for the trade show.