Anyone from Europe interested in empty cans/bottes of Heady Topper, BCBS and others?

I have a shelf and vitrine where I like to display iconic beer bottles and cans. Since that space is limited though, I’m currently finding myself with some leftover containers that I can’t bring myself to simply throw out.

If anyone is interested in these for decorative purposes or their collection, I’d be happy to trade them for some local beers from your native country or whatever else you wanna offer.

These are all cleaned out and in perfect condition, except for the Double Bastard which has a slight abrasion as seen in the picture.

  • Arrogant Brewing Double Bastard
  • Brewdog Make Earth Great Again
  • Goose Island BCBS Rare
  • Alchemist Heady Topper
  • Alchemist Focal Banger
  • Cloudwater MCR DIPA Citra BBC
  • Cloudwater TIPA Citra BBC

And yes, that’s a cybernetic Donald Trump fighting a polar bear on the label of Make Earth Great Again.