Anyone here ever been to the Pacific North West?

My wife is American, from Portland, Oregon, and I visited her hometown last Summer not really knowing much about the region except that there’s lots of nice scenery.

In terms of beer, my GOD do they have it good there! The craft beer scene is on a totally different scale compared to the UK. Every supermarket has a whole aisle just completely full of craft beer, all chilled, then another aisle with all the imported stuff. I went to a minor league baseball game and you could get craft beer on tap there too. Every bar I went to there was a selection of like 6 different craft IPAs.

It was that trip that made me fall in love with IPA, and I implore any of you who are thinking about going somewhere in America with good beer to consider visiting Portland or Seattle.

Lidl is quite good.

…and do they even sell White Cider in Oregon?

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been to Seattle for a conference about a year ago, absolutely loved it.

Three times … various places (check my place ratings).

A solid scene for sure.

Still in the top 20 or so raters for OR beer I think ?

I lived in Seattle for a year. and I spent most of my time in the Marine Corps stationed in California. Avoid the West Coast entirely. It’s horrid in every way. There is good beer pretty much anywhere in the US, and most of the country has normal people living there and not the…specimens you find out there.