Anyone seen any Stone on the shelves recently?

For some reason, I seem to be finding it harder and harder to find any Stone beers on the shelves since the beginning of this year. I’m talking about the standard selection that certain supermarkets used to carry: West Coast IPA, Ruination and Arrogant Bastard. In Cologne, pretty much only Kaufland used to carry them and they haven’t restocked them for a couple of weeks now, one shop even claiming that they don’t carry them at all anymore. My go-to Getränkemarkt that used to carry those stadards hasn’t restocked them in quite a while as well now. Anyone know what’s going on? Is this just some kind of delivery bottleneck right now?


definitely available down here, but generally in bottle shops, not in supermarkets.

It’s the other way around here, because all the bottle shops claim that they can’t compete with the prices the big supermarkets are charging. But now that the supermarkets don’t have them in stock anymore either, I can’t seem to find them at all anymore… :frowning:

I think I’ve seen some of them at Real supermarket in Leverkusen and Köln

There is one REAL supermarket pretty close to me that doesn’t carry them, even though they have a small, crappy craft beer selection, but I will check out some other ones, thanks. I only ever saw them at Kaufland so far. Seems odd to me that REWE does not carry them, as they have the largest craft selection, at least in the big, inner city supermarkets.

Will check Real Leverkusen tomorrow. And I bought Stone IPA 2 weeks ago at Rewe Rahmati corner Dürener/Gürtel

Okay I was wrong with Real. So, as said I just bought it at Rewe. Stone Ripper, to be precisely- Not sure what else they carry

Yeah, I only managed to find Ripper and Go To at two Rewe markets, but nothing at REAL or the inner city REWE markets. Also none of the standards like West Coast IPA, Ruination or Arrogant Bastard. Only Kaufland in Ehremfeld had a few cans left. I think it’s really weird how hard it is find Stone beers in Cologne…