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Anyone (still) voting in the GABS Hottest 100?

I’m voting again this year but it might be the last time: of the 28 Australian beers I rated 3.9 or higher last year (which seems a lot) fewer than a third are available choices as of now on the VOTING FORM .

I did ask for several missing beers to be included but so far, nothing. It’s up to brewers to have their stuff included and I understand maybe some of them can’t be bothered because they know they can’t win or hope to push their more broadly appealing/ available beers a bit further up the list by excluding some of their more niche brews, but if I can’t even vote for the beers I liked most then there’s not much point in my participating. I’ve long accepted that the top of the list is not going to feature beers the likes of me like but at least I could say.

And it’s not just brewers like Two Metre Tall, Black Heart and Ocho who aren’t on the list. La Sirène, Boatrocker, Bridge Rd, Modus Operandi, Hawkers & Pirate Life all had beers I really like this year that are missing.

So I ended voting for:
Slow Lane Old Russet (this was the only one that made my actual top 5)
Wildflower Good As Gold
Blackman’s Needs More Citra
Akasha Wooden Leg IIIPA
Otherside / Garage Project: Bubbles

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