Anyone tried hop water yet?

As in, non-alcoholic, unsweetened, carbonated, hop-infused water?

I’ve found/tried two so far:

I personally found the first one, H2Ops, undrinkable…smelled like lemon dish soap, didn’t smell like hops at all. But the Lagunitas version is perfectly fine, and actually smells like hops. Room for improvement, still, but it’s a fun alternative on non-booze days, when I usually either opt for Waterloo water (lemon, lime, or grapefruit varieties in particular) or N/A beer (Bitburger N/A or WellBeing Golden Wheat).

There’s also Hopwater, but it’s sugary soda, not water.

Anyone seen any other hop water brands locally? Or if not, heard rumor of other companies working on such a thing?

Yep. I’ve seen a couple.

Tried Third Space. Cheap @$2 pints. Smelled great but sadly tasted too vegetal, like broccoli.

Saw one at Pabst but they wanted $4 a pint, so meh.

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I guess I shouldn’t knock it until I try it, but I just can’t imagine it tasting good…

It’s really not too much different than citrusy sparkling waters (Waterloo, La Croix), just more hoppy smelling than fruit juice, and maybe a touch more bitterness. Way more palatable than most N/A beers that smell like raw barley / horse feed.

Same here. Sounds horrible