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Hello it’s been several times that I make a request for API key but I have no response in return, what should I do more?


Hello @MashExports39 Please apply for the API key here:


You can obtain the Stanford SNAP-RateBeer dataset immediately after form submission.

Cheers, and best of luck with your project.


Hello I have already applied 3 times, the first was about fours months ago. I have had no feedback.

So you’ve already done what @joet suggests but it didn’t work?

Thanks for tagging me.

@MashExports39 If you are looking for the SNAP data, you can download from the page after consenting to our terms of service. It will not be sent separately. Are you looking for different access?

@joet I would prefer to have an api access to consume your services.
But you tell me that I can download data. where do i find that

You can do that from the page following the API key request form here:




also never got a response when i applied before. just tried applying again, got:

RateBeer Robot Oops!

This Page Was Upset

The page in question is not healthy. We hope you will accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you have experienced when you requested the page from our server and found yourself here. I know it was important for you to find this page in working order, and the failure of our server was a frustration to us all. Thank you for your patience while other strategies for navigating are employed.

To avoid such problems in the future, we are actively investigating such issues and will improve the likelihood that all links find their intended pages.

We have enjoyed being your web site for all things beer-related, and we look forward to serving you more efficiently in the future. Again, our sincere apologies.

which happened when i tried to submit a beer correction, too. is the server ok?

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Hi and thanks for posting

please try signing out, clearing your cookies and signing back in.

things seem to be improved after the latest updates.


tried again, and it seemed to go through. thanks!

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