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App is better, but what is urgent now


Just tried the last version of the app. I personally can say it’s finally fast and good regarding searches, geolocation, continuity with mobile web version and overall look (maybe add a click option on sliders instead of dragging only).

Now you really need to focus on Brewer’s page. There’s still an urgent need to have sorting and beer searching options like the web based brewer page to make the app meaningful

Not being able to sort brewers beers alphabetically, by date entered or by which ones I had or not is really a big turn off for me

You also need to implement Push notifications for friend Check Ins, this would be way more useful that Liked personal rating notifications…


Offline ratings for later upload?


App is not working for me (Android) since the last update.
When I click on a beer the app kicks me out to the desktop.

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Doesn’t do that to me. Samsung Galaxy S9.


Huawei P9 here. Will try to reinstall the app, maybe something was wrong during the update. Good to know that is working for you!

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They should definitely add a checkbox option to toggle Private / Public ratings in the rating page. That would be an easy solution for offline ratings