Appalachian Mountain Brewery in NC buys itself back from AB

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How the hell did they pull that off? Is AB in dire need of any cash since their recent boycotts?

Interesting. They were happy to be part of an umbrella craft group but not happy when the umbrella group was acquired by ABInBev. My guess is any value in their part of the group depended on them being happy to remain there.

I heard today that boycott has cost them 15 billion dollars so far. Ouch

That was data at beginning of May it’s gotten worse.

Bud Light parent Anheuser-Busch’s stock lost $27B over Dylan Mulvaney (

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Must be a trend.
Constellation sells Funky Buddha and Four Corners back to original owners, says see ya to craft sector (


In Florida and just heard the Funky Buddha resales.

Market cap up 3.3% over a year. Down 40% over 5 years. Don’t rely on the New York Post for financial analysis. (Not saying the reactionary boycott is an issue.)

I wish I knew how much lose these brands are taking when being sold back.

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I hope everyone knows that the NY Post was always considered the rag of NYC newspapers. People only bought it for gossip and fun sports headlines. It was always the cheapest paper, a quarter in the late 90s. Cheapest way to access a crossword puzzle. Definitely don’t rely on them for anything newsworthy

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I love to use them when I’m bashing on ABinBev as they make it sound like the world is ended. :wink: This article definitely fit the purposes of thread.

My main source for information is Wikipedia. I stopped reading actual news other than random online clip since 2000.

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Maybe we can buy Ratebeer back from AB? If every active forum user pitched in $5 we could raise like a hundred bucks and since they seem hard for cash that may be an attractive offer. :grinning:


We’d want to know what the server costs are.

I was thinking the very same thing… maybe we can package it with another brewery that is being bought back…

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Murdoch owned

Yes and it was trash before that.