Are breweries shutting down from coronavirus?

I don’t know of any personally, but I imagine there are a bunch. Should get a list going.

The only one I’ve heard about is Joseph James in Las Vegas.

There was one in Germany that announced they were shutting but I think that Covid-19 was the last straw as opposed to being the only reason.

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Exactly. It is Wernecker Bierbrauerei.

Here is a video: -> not working as it seems

Another article:

It was widely covered in German media but yeah it was the last straw finally but not the sole reason. And they are not closed yet. They will close in Autumn.

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A lot of German breweries are stuck in the past. They rely only on gastro and bierfestivals. This Wernecker is shutting down because they do not know who to sell their beers to. But try to buy a case on their website and let me know if you manage to… If in 2020 you only produce beer for festivals and restaurants in your area, you should probably reconsider your business plan. My two cents

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Trinity in Colorado Springs, Colorado has closed down.

So has Cleophus Quealy in California.

None here in Salem…they are all struggling of course, but they are doing a roaring trade in cans ( mobile canners be rich nowadays!) and take out growlers…one has even taken to lkeveraging its commercial sources and is selling stuff like yeast, sugar, beef etc at knowck down prices ( as far as the public is concerned).
My favorite is open now only Fri and Sat selling cans for 3 hours they always sell out…they make enough to keep paying the rent and buying more supplies.

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Argus Brewing in Chicago, but I’m pretty sure they were on the way out either way.

Dragon Hops in Virginia (which still needs to be closed on the site) closed right after the state went into lock down in March.

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Now that we were made aware that it’s closed, I’ve retired it. :wink:


Declaration in Denver and Iron Bird and Veteran s in Colorado have closed for good.

Boundary Brewing in British Columbia:

It would be really random if the UK Weltons (oldschool twiggy bitter pushers) bought the UK Boundary ( hip craftsters).

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None that I know of but at least a few young breweries in Belgium and the Netherlands are struggling and are being bailed out by investors to avoid going bankrupt.

I was never even aware of that one

Same. I found out they existed the week before they closed.

Virginia’s boom in breweries has been amazing, but impossible to keep up with.

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Not a brewery but a fairly significant loss to the Antwerp beer scene - De Groote Witte Arend announced that due to the crisis their closure will be permanent.

I somehow managed to avoid hearing that they had opened. Doesn’t help that it’s been over two years since I’ve been to Purcelville.