Are Low-Cals and seltzers the new session beers?

I know we’ve discussed the recent seltzer trend elsewhere but I’d like to have your input on this.
As a lover of low to moderate ABV hop forward brews I’m starting to see fewer of the options I’m used to.
Along with numerous seltzer options popping up on shelves, there’s also a recent bloom of low calorie, low carb “diet” beers happening. Although many of these have been light lagers, the majority seem to be aiming for the session IPA crowd. I’ve tried a few of these and with the possible exception of Oskar Blues One-y and maybe one more, they’ve all been disappointingly watery and seltzery.
Furthermore, at least a couple of very well established session IPAs (Firestone Easy Jack, Lagunitas Daytime) have been revamped for the worst IMO and turned into 4.0% “diet” beers.
Lastly I can think of a few: Bell’s Oatsmobile, Cigar City Invasion, Stone Go To, that have been discontinued altogether.
I realize the whole low ABV “sissy” beer category can be quite divisive here but I find it a little disheartening to see a favorite style of mine diminishing.
Thanks to anyone who will read and chime in.

I am not seeing this trend in NY micros. Here the push has been consistently to more ABV in Berliners, Stouts and IPAs. It looks like this trend is happening in the macro micros (whether owned by other corporations or not) where they are less concerned with quality of their session than they are with cost cutting and broad appeal.

High ABV is needed for those who drink to destroy their consciousness. Brewers will chase the market. They have to. Imperial Berliner Weisse - I had one recently. Just one tho.

I have to agree. My local NC scene is not changing too radically either which I consider fortunate.
However I wanted to name some examples that most here would be familiar with.

Went to a local liquor store today to get some Belgian classics only to find that the section had been cut in half and replaced with fizzy alcohol waters. :frowning: