Are maps every going to be fixed?

Just kind of curious what the developers are focusing on besides the app these days. Just looked in Denver and the maps are still broken. Some places seem fixed. Also is breaking up more countries into regions ever going to happen or is that priority #3940?

Mind sharing what the issue is with Denver exactly? Had a quick look and couldn’t find a fault, but I didn’t look at every individual entry…

The developers have absolutely nothing to do with fixing content, that’s aaaaallll done by us content admins since they removed editing capabilities from regular users. If you want things fixed, report what’s broken. I’ll have a thorough look when I get home.

The best way to get things fixed when it comes to places is using this thread:

Denver has had a surface cleaning (this was not a Marko comprehensive cleaning). Most of the places that were actually permanently closed have been marked as such and some broken links were fixed. If you have specific problem(s) with places in Denver/Denver area, please list those in the Places thread and we will correct those.

When I click denver, then hit the map to see all the places rather than an individual place, it only kind of loads, and doesn’t work if you scroll the map over to say the airport area.

What link are you using to go to the map?

Click places, colorado, denver, then map at the top of the list there

This map is better.