Are Tastings Still A Thing

Might be heading back to Jersey from NV for my Dads 70th Bday 1.29.23, might be able to swing something in the city or there abouts on one of the dates around that, likely a day ahead or behind it. Still hypothetical at this point. . I could probably only pull off a few hours. Also I cant promise anything rare as i dont really collect anymore but happy to bring out some Revision Beers (NV). Maybe I can convince Vtafro (Victor), Vferg (Joe) and one of my brothers (Kevin not on RB) who lives in JC (think PATH train) to tag along as well. Is anyone in contact with Paul is he still in Hoboken? God I’d love to catch up with Andy, Max, Jay, Paul, Eugene, Mike-EDA and the rest of the old crew.
With 2 kids and doing lots of OT I kinda gave up social media so I cant say i’ve done my part to keep up with anyone but would be great to catch up.
Just figured I toss this out there.
Cheers. Ryan


You should tag them. I think it notifies their emails or something. Some of them pop their heads in here and there.

Trying to do a NYC tasting in November (check the other thread).

While I visit NY often, I live in Bmore nowadays. If you did throw something together, I’d do my best to make it out. Even if it is in Jersey. Also, is rare beer a thing? I just want good beer.

I live in CT now but with sufficient notice and Jess ideally not on service at the hospital, I could make it out for something. I have a bunch of fun things here that I need to offload at some sort of group event, so here’s hoping I can pull it off

Well just got PTO for 5 days so seems more certain now. I just need to figure out flights and dates, its pretty sweet to see some of you have some flexibility. Let me do some reaching out on my end to Victor and Joe and see what the level of interest is for a tasting. When you say tag them is that @mansquito . My tech level is pretty non existent seems to be what you were suggesting. Hopefully thats what you ment let me try @MaxxDaddy think theres anyone left in the city/hoboken/JC that could be a possible host, my brother lives a block from barcade JC probably be staying with him about 3 blocks from Grove St? if i remember correctly. Is Paul still around I cant help but wonder about him, he literally facilitated it all for the most part back in the day. Anyone still talk to EDA, when i was on FB i saw he had a pretty serious bout with CA hopefully hes doing alright. Larry still around too dam kinda forgot about GT’s.


Yup that is what I meant.

What is CA? Also, I doubt anyone has seen him in ages.

Mike was always super good to me. We had a few nights were we just paint the town not so much even in beer but just grabbing cocktails at whatever spot we popped into. Lugers etc.
Also I PM’d you.

Save the date 1.28.23 Saturday its looking more likely than not. Would be in Denville, NJ.
Someone please bring PP along if this happens?


Tasting is confirmed Saturday 1.28.23 start time of 3-4pm end time 8 but likely later.
PM for address will be in Denville NJ.
Bring couple bottles or whatever no theme.
Host is Vtafro (although no longer active on RB).
Cheers hope to catch up with a few ppl.
Or shot me a text my number is the same.

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Tasting are certainly still a thing.

Great seeing everyone.


looks like a fun time.