Are these meads typical?

I finally tried mead - four meads from Charm City in Baltimore. All were quite light, and much like a light white wine. Some how I expected mead to be heavy and more obviously honey tasting. Was my expectation wrong, or is Charm City atypical?

With out having tried them, its tricky to say.

But for me Traditional meads tend to fall into 2 VERY broad categories

a) light floral wine like pale meads
b) Darker heavier sweeter thicker darker meads

but thats very loose
I prefer the second type on the whole

Lots of the Top meads on RB tend to be think sweet and fruit laiden. As the RB scoreing system lends itsself to bigger flavours

There’s different styles of mead, be it light or strong, sparkly or flat, with or without fruit additions, with or without herbs, etc.

I guess the only way to find out which ones you like is to try more of them :smiley:

Mead is not one style, and as with everything else each maker can have their own idea of how to make it.

Think of the people stating “I don’t like dark beers” after they sampled a Guinness once.
If someone tries one mead, or meads from one producer, then state “I don’t like mead”, they’d be missing out.

There are a vast range of mead from dry to super sweet. There are braggots, melomels, metheglins, cysers etc.
Also depends on the honey, what yeast, age, any other ingredients, conditioning and more.

Have not had the meads you had, but would depend on which style still if to answer if true to that mead style or not.

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I’ve found the domestic american meads to be so much lighter than the real thing from the old country.