Are we rating madly?

I’ve made a small chart using the number of ratings by the last person in the list of that year’s most prolific raters, and it shows that the number of ratings you have to have to be in top 50 is increasing steadily for the last 10 years.
Same chart with the top raters of the year is more erratic though:
I guess at least a number of raters are rating madly
(By the way the current predictions for 2018 are 5511 and 1931)


Used to try - pretty consistent til 2010 - but just couldn’t keep up with the madness thereafter.

I’ll drop off the top 100 of most ratings fairly soon.

I’ll bet most are rating on tasters and really small samples!

I’m curious about the cutoff number for top 100 in a year. Can someone with access to data tell us how many ratings are required for 2018 to be in top 100, instead of top 50?

One reason I’m getting slower is all the highly rated, high ABV bombers and 750s! Even my two favorite taprooms go with 5 oz pours, and I keep forgetting to say don’t make them full! On the verge of too much alcohol these days.

I think it depends on the raters, and their future input. A few guys put in a backlog of some hundreds, and things can really change at the very last of the year.