Are you re-rating your "old ticks"?

Well, some days ago i was surprised by seeing a bunch of ticks on my account. I have used the app time ago, mainly for consulting, maybe rated a few beers, but for sure not as much as my profile counts (around 100). These “old ticks” were ratings, i can see my reviews, that exceed by far the minimum character count, so my question is: are the “old ticks” supposed to be merged with rates at any time, or shall i “re-rate” them??

I’ve been re-rating them, because this is RateBeer not TickBeer. I found that a lot of them had the text deleted or the app had miscounted the number of characters when I rated them in the app.

The beers that I can.

Yeah, the ones I can find - does anybody have a bottle of Watney’s Red Barrel for trade?