Arlington Tasting on Saturday, 19June

If you’re seeing this and interested in doing a distanced, outdoor tasting in Arlington, respond here and we will send you the details. We’re tasting this Saturday, June 19th in the afternoon.

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Yep! I’ll be hosting - as nimbleprop said it’s in Arlington, not far from Falls Church.

Super casual, there is never any expectations on bringing any whales, just bring a good or interesting or terrible beer you want everyone to share a taste of. It’s worked out really well for us in the DC group, going on over a decade.

Bring your own glassware, or there will be plenty of clean glassware made available.

Easily accessible by car, or from WO&D and 4 Mile Run trails, which can be biked. Metro is a 15-20 minute walk on those trails to my place.

Sending shout outs to local RB people who haven’t come yet @OnTheTrail @MadRobin @dlovell2

I messaged a few folks too that I’ve seen rating stuff right behind me.

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@altonbrownd @CaptainCougar

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A @CaptainCougar sighting would be amaze…