Armand Debelder passed away

While I don’t see any official statements, as Joris, Kuaska and Cantillon, among others, have posted about it, it seems to be the sad truth - 3 Fonteinen’s legendary Armand Debelder has passed away.

A sad loss for the Belgian and the worldwide beer community, and we can but hope and trust that he left 3f in good hands. If we can, let’s raise a glass of his lambic / geuze, or something as excellent as his beers at least, in his name today!


Huge loss. I consider myself lucky for meeting him. Rest in peace Armand.


Such a huge loss. He is one of the guys who helped lambic through dark ages, his importance can’t be overestimated. I was also lucky to meet him at BXL festival some years ago, and he was very nice and friendly person. RIP.


Drinking a good beer from a good brewery earlier this evening, I thought that partly I was borrowing the good taste of the brewer and blender of the beer. And after the thermostat accident, really the only thing 3F had going for it was Armand Debelder’s judgement and taste. But that was enough.


Thanks for sharing Marko. Instead of memorializing here, I just wanted to say that when he and I had a long chat about 10 years ago, his concerns were with the world of Lambic’s future and his legacy as a blender. It’s safe to say the future of his business is safe now, something he didn’t think was going to be the case just a decade ago as is Lambic’s future as an industry.

This is a huge loss and I’m going to especially miss his coffee. Every time I visited his shop, he offered me coffee and I’d be surrounded by bottles of his Lambic and fresh pours and yet still, he always offered me coffee and he’d smile while making it and he’d watch me drink the first sip and he’d ask “how is it?”

Shout out to his wife as well. She is always so kind and sweet but I haven’t seen her at the new blendery in a few years. I hope she’s doing okay.

We’ll open an old bottle tonight, an '07 Vintage Valentine’s Day.


Lucky enough to have met him a few times at lambik-O-droom. A very personable and passionate man who was happy to chat away with his customers. A sad loss. RIP Armand.