Arrogant Sour Festival

I’m going to Italy especially for the Arrogant Sour Fest (from May 31 to June 4). Does anyone know which is the best place/city to stay? Preferably where the party goes on or near any good bar or something like that.
By the way, the event tickets have not been released yet, right? And do you know how the festival works? Schedule, hours…

Hi,the festival is scheduled from 1st to 3rd June in Reggio Emilia where you can find the Arrogant Pub ( Alle the owner organize the Fest hence the name) which is simply one of the best craft beer pub in Italy… in Parma there is il Bastian Contrario small but good place indeed otherwise in Bologna you’ll find 2 great spots il Punto and Ranzani 13 … as far as I know the festival go on till late …

I will attend also, for the first time, and I don’t know how it works either. I just plan on showing up ready to drink, and I plan on not sleeping for 3 days. It might be the best festival of the year, from what I’ve heard

Thanks for the places, I will try to go, especially to the ones in Reggio Emilia and the ones in Bologna since th plane lands there.

Basically it’s working with the coins/ tokens system … there is a single long bar with all the beers on and always changing when a keg run out, and another smalller Bar serving good food … in another part of the festival which is in a beautiful cloister there is the “ bottle shop “ with great selection… it’s definitely one of the best Beer Fest I’ve been to … obviously 99% of the beers are sours except for a Pale ale from Moor and a Pils from Birrificio Italiano …

I will also be at the Festival. I will land on the 31st in Milan (around noon) and go directly to Reggio Emilia. I plan to stay until Sunday (I probably only do Friday and Saturday on the event). I m looking for some city/places to visit Sunday and Monday (flying out of Milan on Tuesday). The suggestion with Bastian Contrario sounds good, I might check that out. Anything else you can suggest on the way from Reggio Emilia to Milan? :slight_smile:

If you like lambic and/or hamburgers, try Lambiczoon in Milan

Hey Travlr,
Thanks. Lambiczoon is already on my TODO list. I was mostly wondering if there are any must sees on the way from Reggio Emilia to Milan. I think Milan is covered pretty well here in the places section :slight_smile:
I think Goblin Pub could be also an option, it does not seem to be that far from Reggio Emilia. But I m not sure if there is any public transport there (especially on Sunday), and if it is worth the detour :slight_smile:

Goblin Pub doesn’t have an exciting beer list (unless Umberto has gotten a recent shipment from Fantome or Cantillon). But it’s an amazing place with amazing people. I’m not aware of any public transportation there, and it’s in the middle of nowhere.

Toccalmatto is just off the autostrada and is worth a stop.

ah ok, thanks for the info. Well, maybe Cantillon at Arrogant Sour means restock at Goblin? :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm, I saw Toccalmatto pop up. I think I would actually enjoy Brewfist more. I guess I look up both and figure out logistics and transportation. :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, is there a recommended bottle shop that should have I decent selection of Lambic when I m there? I guess places in Milan might have? (With decent I mean a selection of different producers (not just Boon and Lindemans)…)

Does anyone plan attending this year?

me again :stuck_out_tongue: a couple other people coming from Austria too again… :slight_smile:
Are you planning too?

Yeah I think we’ll go this year again. Just Max and me for now.

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I’m very interested, but in Budapest the weekend before, so it seems like I’ll have to pass.


I’m thinking of going to that brewpub and shop in Rubieira on Saturday. Should be able to do it without missing any beers at the festival.

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