Places to stay close by. Relatively inexpensive! I know I know! Just gotta ask. Any info/recommendations would be great! Thanks!

I can’t find a South Atlantic/East forum, lol.

Anyway, Air BnB, or the like is your best choice. Everywhere is expensive as millions of tourists a year descend on a town of 90k. There are at least 3 illegal rentals just on my block. Are you looking to cab it home every night? Very few Uber/Lyfts. Reserve a cab ahead of time or get a place within a mile of your destinations. You can stay upstairs at our place if I can get you to do some yard work, ha.

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Was looking at Aloft. Prices don’t look too awful bad but maybe it’s false advertising on their part?
Any info on the covid situation around there? Curious as to how the breweries/restaurants are handling it. Vax cards necessary for entry? My son is looking forward to hitting Sierra Nevada up.
Yard work huh? I suck at yard work, sorry. :grin:


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