Aslin Variance?

Anyone drinking recent batches and finding a lot of variance can to can? Some Theta D cans are awesome, others are thin and watery. Laser Raptors fell off a cliff after 10 days and tastes like an Amber Ale now. Anyone else getting this?

Start a thread about Aslin maybe not being orgasmic and get crickets…

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Sorry, I was drinking all my Aslin cans to test your theory. Verdict: no. Maybe they saw your review of Mexican Hot Chocolate and have “special” cans just for you.

I certainly notice variance @nimbleprop , and ratings seem to reflect that on many beers. I tend to notice that a lot on super hoppy NE style beers. Like using so much hops makes the beers unstable or something.

I heard a rumor they will open some kind of facility in Alexandria, either instead of or in addition to Herndon. Anyone here know anything about that?

This is probably what the rumor really is:

I heard the same rumor. I posted on a Facebook thread that had the same speculation. The rumor is that Kai said it was going to be on Picket St. No clue if that’s true or not since this is all second or third hand.

Shenandoah Brewing used to have a facility on Picket St. When they closed the location became a facility for Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse for a year or two. I think it’s a CrossFit facility or a bakery or something right now, so the facility should be easily converted back over to a brewery if it wasn’t gutted too much sometime in the last 5 years. I’m sure a ton of upgrades are needed regardless. Of course it could be anywhere else on the street - there was a lot of new construction off Pickett the last few years, so it could be a totally new facility.

Parking sucks royally at the old Shenandoah Brewing location (and Pickett in general). It’ll be interesting to see if that pans out.

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Drew and Kai from Aslin talked about a potential third location on last week’s Craft Beer Nation, around the 11 minute mark. Apparently they’re in lease negotiations with a few locations around Northern VA.

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Well it sure sounds from that like they are very unhappy with the Town (not City) of Herndon, and maybe with Fairfax County also. While I am sure there is another side to the story, it does not sound like Herndon appreciates them the way the City of Alexandria revels in the success of Port City Brewing.

Ya, I hear it’s a fire marshal with a giant bone to pick with breweries that screws everything in Herndon.

Now I saw something about them doing a popup at Nats Park!