Atlanta - Asheville - Richmond

What are your top5 picks for Atlanta, Asheville and Richmond? (Will visit in March)


We only has one night in Atlanta and stayed out in Decatur (there’s a perfectly acceptable cheap chain motel - I forget which chain - there, which is handy if you’re driving). There are some decent beer places in Decatur. From there, a couple of stops on the MARTA train plus a shortish walk gets you to Wrecking Bar, The Porter and a cluster of other places around Little Five Points. We never got into the central downtown area at all but, as I said, we only had one day and the greatest concentration of beery interest seemed to be in the areas we visited. That was a few years ago so things might have changed.

I’ll refrain from saying anything about Asheville as I’m sure the beer scene will have moved on since we were last there.

Never been to Richmond (how did that happen?).

In Atlanta, as Chris says, you can’t go wrong with Porter in Five Points. But I also like Orpheus and Three Taverns.
My favorites in Asheville are Bhramari, Burial and Wedge. Zebulon is about a 20 minute drive north and is well worth the trip. If you pass near Charlotte on your way, let me know
In Richmond I stayed at an AirBnB across the street from The Veil and there are half a dozen other breweries and good restaurants & coffee shops within walking distance. But Strangeways and The Answer get honorable mentions.

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Former Atlanta local and frequented Asheville. The Brick Store Pub is hard to beat, in downtown Decatur. The Porter and the Wrecking Bar are excellent, as previously noted. Top 5, though:

  1. Brick Store Pub
  2. Hop City (any of the locations)
  3. Wicked Weed (I know, it’s AB-InBev now, but that doesn’t make the place not awesome)
  4. Wild Heaven
  5. The Wrecking Bar (be sure to visit on the 5th of the month, for Cinco de Siberius)

Thanks for all replies. Keep 'em coming :slight_smile:

These places have so much to offer so I need to pick up the best ones as I will stay about 2 nights per place. Unfortunately our places section is not too good for this.

Pack an extra liver.

In RVA, hit up the ANswer & Mekong (same building), but skip these if you need to skip any.

After that go to the Scott’s Addition neighborhood and just walk around. Ardent, Isley, The Veil, Black Heath Mead, Blue Bee and Buskey Cideries, and some other places all within a few blocks of each other.

It’s been over a year since I’ve been back so who knows what else is in that neighborhood.

Burial and Zebulon in Asheville for sure. You should also check out the Sierra Nevada estate a half hour or so away.

My current plan is to be in Charlotte 22-23rd Mar night.

Center of the beer universe in Charlotte is Salud in NoDa. They brew their own beer now, brewer trained at Fonta Flora. Other good breweries are Wooden Robot & Resident Culture (brewer trained at Russian River). As the time approaches let me know if you want to meet at any of these.

My friend is looking for WV state tick. Any chance to find bottle from eg. Mountain State or Morgantown in Atlanta-Athens-Asheville-Charlotte-Richmond-Norfolk-Philadelphia?


i’ve never seen any WV beers in Charlotte or Asheville but I can ask at my local bottle shop. WV is an easy daytrip though and is a beautiful corner of the country.

Never saw any in the years I was around GA and NC. The distribution might’ve changed, though. I got all of my WV ticks from a trade with @weihenweizen.

As far as I know none of those cities get any WV beers. Parkersburg, WV is about 45 mins east of Athens, Ohio, if you are willing to drive. I trade WV ticks and so does JStax some times. I think I saw somebody in the DC area that was trading WV beers. I recommend Big Timber & Greenbrier Valley over Mountain State or Morgantown, if possible.

Sori, wrong Athens :slight_smile:

No WV beer but a great trip: 11 states and 42 visited breweries/taprooms. And it was nice to meet travlr in Charlotte!

great meeting you too