Austin TX suggestions?

Going to be heading down to Austin in early February. Wondered if there was any must hit places or events. I’ll be there from 2/2-7.

If there are any cool places that are non-beer or good veg friendly food recommendations, would love to hear about those as well.

Also, if there are any Austin RB folks that would like to get a pint, let me know.


I am going down this weekend. I would also appreciate advixe but will otherwise let you know what I find.

Flying out of Austin now. Spent the last three days or so having beers and stuff. Beerwise the breweries I went to that I would wholeheartedly recommend are the following:

  1. Jester King - it is a bit of a drive to get there, but the place is huge and the selection of beer is incredible. The beer is also superlative.

  2. Hops & Grain - East Austin: very good IPAs and beers of that ilk.

  3. (512): really friendly staff, but only open for a short bit of time on Saturday. Solid beer. Drinking their porter at the airport right now.

  4. Pinthouse: very solid varied styles of beer but with an IPA focus. Plenty of inventive pizzas (including veg), which I alas did not sample. My friend said they were good.

  5. Lazarus: lots of house brewed beers with a German and Belgian focus. Solid beer with tacos and tortas served in a lively bar.

  6. Adelbert’s: very nice Belgian focused brewery at a very good price.

  7. Blue Owl: not my favorite, as I do not live for sours, but definitely a good call if you do. Also a good value.

  8. Batch: excellent bar and bottleshop.

From what I heard P. Terry’s make an excellent veggie burger. Also there are vegan tacos right by Blue Ow.

Cool - thanks for all the info. Jester King and Pinthouse were already on the list, but looks like you’ve given me a lot more options to consider as well. Hope you enjoyed your stay down there.