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Australian ratebeer events


As an Australian expat living in the UK, am curious to hear from raters that went along to the RateBeer events in Melbourne & Sydney and what they thought about the launch, Cheers, danlo


In case people didn’t see it, there was a thread in Site News that foreshadowed these events but tailed off inconclusively.

I think you can tag people to notify them of this thread, so of regulars I think that @samma and @tp35282 attended Melbourne and Sydney respectively. The rest of the smattering of rates seem to have come from members who joined in the last few days – happy to hear from them too of course.


I was at the Melbourne. I heard about it via Carwyn Cellars (the venue) and Craftypint, but not through here. It was well organised on the night. Basically free beers (and all chosen from highest rate AUS & NZ list) as long as you rated them. The Aussie staff were out in force and Joe flitted around. I ended up drinking with him for the last hour or so. Super lovely guy. Certainly keen to build the take-up of site in Australia. Logic is that with so many imports the site/app has role as reference etc. Will be interesting to see…

He’s gonna be back again soon, and definitely here for Good Beer Week…


Cheers for the insights. Would like to see Australia divided into states/territories on ratebeer so hopefully that might happen one day with more focus there now


Melbourne/Victorian Ratebeerians have been set a challenge in the Good Beer Week program - rate 100 beers between March 15 and May 10 to get an invitation to an exclusive RB event (tasting beers rated 100):

50 spots up for grabs. Let’s get going folks.

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Limited to the first 50 entries before 10 May, 2019 who can show 100 completed reviews (added to RateBeer, they don’t need to be consumed during this time) and email Marketing@RateBeer.com to claim your spot.

I’ve seen some people getting their total up to a hundred so didn’t want to say this too soon.

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