Available positions: Eastern Canada Admin & Central Canada Admin

Trying to update the abandoned eastern Canada recently…this is painful…

just added 20 beers for this brewery…now at 29 beers… and they have 202 beers on UT…

Any chance someone would apply to be full time admin for Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland)?

I would gladly be there to assist from time to time.

I struggle with why someone would even volunteer their time to do this at this point. Your work will never be used by anybody and probably never even be seen anybody. You are creating work for the sake of creating work.


Bout right, unfortunately. RB is owned by the largest brewer in the world. They still want you to pay for a premium membership. Adding pics and info is fairly ridiculous as is doing/adding anything around here. I like RB but it’s really hard to love it anymore.



"I talked about using the Golden Rule as a guide to ethical conduct on a day-to-day basis—what I called “everyday ethics”. There is another guide that I find helpful, too. It is a simplification—philosophers would say a vast over-simplification—of what Immanuel Kant called the categorical imperative. My version is: “What if Everybody Did”?

In other words, “what sort of place would the world be if everyone acted in the way I am considering acting?”"

I check on the Maritimes every couple of months in terms of verifying things and adding new breweries but it’s obviously not enough. @lubiere might be interested in adminning? He enters a ton of new stuff in Ontario.

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Ottawa is pretty far from the Maritimes.

I could but, keep in mind, my approach is passive…if it gets posted on Canadian Beer News and Jeremy did not load yet, i load it. Or if I see something on twitter or a liked facebook account. This is done mainly while I watch TV in the evening

This means, I wont/cant go out of my way to keep updated on the scene.

If thats OK, then I dont mind doing it. If you need someone a bit more “engaged/proactive” ,then I will pass.

Do you mean a hobby?