Awards - Don't seem to be updated any more

Bug?? Obsolete feature??

The Awards don’t seem to be being updated anymore - I should have triggered a new level on the Magellan award a while back when I passed 80 countries, I’m now at 83 but it hasn’t been refreshed.

I’ve also just spotted that as I’ve reached 40 US states I’m due the next level on Sacajawea too.

They stopped some years ago.

They stoped like everything else when they started “fixing the better”

Some of the awards are updated but not all. Its very irritating. It was a nice feature. I would very much like that it could be fixed. My decathlon calculation suffers a bit.


Yep, that’s a very nice feature…
But I don’t want a system with one badge (or more) each time I rate a single beer (like Untappd)! :yum:
(And maybe it’s an attractive feature for UT raters - that made them go over there… and some of them would come back here…)