Now we got a bunch of useless and silly «badges» here at RateBeer too. But, why not do something more with «Awards»? We Need way more levels! Example:
Explorer: rating 1000 places is level five. Why stop here?
The scanner: top level for only 250? Come on! I just started and reached 250 in six months.
Barfly: only one level!!! 50 bars and that’s it?
Golden Growler: only one level!!! How hard is it to visit more than 50 brewpubs nowadays?

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you must live in a thankful corner of the world, barcode wise.

Also, Barfly and Golden Growler are not achievements with levels like the other ones, they are special achievements.

Change those special ones into levels. Can’t be too dificult.
And, what about awards for Image upload?

The picture for my trade badge is a broken image and has been since I achieved. Not sure what that deal is. New fun awards would be cool. The forum badges don’t do anything for me fairly dumb IMO.

As I wrote in another threat at the beginning of this new forum…, this is a great idea