Ayinger Kirta / Fest-Märzen ratings split

A few years back we aliased Ayingers Kirtabier with their Oktober Fest-Märzen because we got erroneous information which claimed they are the same beer, the exported Fest-Märzen would usually just be clearer because any yeast had settled out.
This turned out to be wrong, the Märzen ist the filtered, the Kirta the unfiltered version of the same beer.
This becomes extra obvious this year where Ayinger has started selling the filtered Märzen in Germany as well.

As a consequence we are splitting the beers again:
This is the home of the unfiltered version which you mainly can get in bottles in Germany and at the Kirta celebration in Aying (weekend of the 12.10. this year).

This is the filtered version, available at Oktoberfest in the US and now as Fest-Märzen everywhere else.

Currently all ratings reside as Fest-Märzen. We are trying to move the obvious candidates to Kirta, but if you remember having had the unfiltered version or even both you might want to have a look at your entry and see if you need to move it or split it in two again.

We are sorry for the mess. We were acting on what seemed to be reliable information at the time, but in this instance it turned out to be wrong.


Further confusion arises when it turns out that Kirta apparently sometimes was, sometimes wasn’t filtered in the past.

At the time we merged, more than 90% of the ratings belonged to Oktoberfest.

Fairly sure mine was Fest-Märzen. Need to get my paws on Kirta really, which I might have even had in the meantime but didn’t rate.

Damn I overpaid so much for that Märzen at Old Bank in Turku it’s sad really. Gotta love “only big pours” policies.

Do come to the Kirta on the 12.10! You can get a properly sized pour there and laugh at people attempting to ride on oxen :smiley:

Aaaargh, I’m in Croatia on that weekend. :frowning:

Unrelated, anything interesting happening on the 14./15.9. weekend in that area?

Yes, on the 14. its Zwicklbiertag in Aying!

which is super awesome! And there might be Kirta available somewhere too - we are unsure since it’s the first time they release Festmärzen in Germany.

I won’t be in town that weekend, unfortunately. Zwickelbiertag is always great and I miss it too often.

Pretty sure (like 99%+) the Kirta was the bottle one (even though I thought I got it from somewhere else, but that’s by the by) - can you split my rating back into the two component parts?

That must be way back - now they can’t refuse a smaller pour, at exactly the same price/dl. (Forcing people, or even encouraging them through price differentials, to buy larger portions is illegal, as it promotes alcoholism, which is a sin!!!)

But you should just man up - one time I was there, I noticed a 9.5% Lithuanian ESL in the fridge, in a 500ml bottle. Only one outcome was logically possible, any alternative was inconceivable.

we can’t directly, but I’m sure @joet can do some freeform SQL command.

Well now I am ISO of both version. Need to check my drink markets if they get both versions. Actually I am missing on quite a few Ayinger beers. Its a goal now to fix this.