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BA magazine stopping its print edition


Looks like BA is having some trouble as well. Stopped printing their magazine. Seems kind of crazy that interest in beer topics is waning given the ongoing explosion of craft beer.


Maybe an indication that the new guzzlers have only a superficial interest in beer. Know enough to click a pic and amaze the folks around them - with no real foundation of knowledge. Perhaps one of the reasons I’m so attached to RB is that in various ways it has provided an in depth beer education - to include the classes, etc. it inspired me to attend.


Wow, you’re jumping to conclusions! Perhaps you’ve heard of general waning interested in printed magazines?

I read a lot about beer (regarding brewing mostly), but I have no need for a printed magazines. Printed books yes, printed magazines no (although the odd magazine is fun to page through).


“Wow I can’t believe it.”


I led off with “Maybe”.

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Who really cares if it’s a superficial interest or not? This is how the beer scene is at the moment (I’m speaking about the UK). In depth doesn’t matter anymore. Take all the classes you want, it doesn’t make your opinion on a beer any more viable than any other persons. The landscape has changed a lot.

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Which sorta/kinda is part of what makes RateBeer.

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I have nothing but praise and respect for the brothers for taking the Beer Advocate magazine this far. Kudos to the crew as well.

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From what they say, this is most of the issue. I would have thought the beer nerd crowd is generally an older type who like to read physical stuff, but perhaps not so much. Everything going online