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Just took a look there for first time in ages. I see @BlackHaddock made a cameo post before Xmas.
Well for those of you who used to check in there it’s got way less footfall then ever before.
Usual can you recommend a milk stout … type posts … someone plugging pub tours of London…a few by the Fuhrer Todd trying to drum up interest. I noticed in your post Jeremy that emperor bevis seems brainwashed against RB with a stock answer about mean spirited reviews for small brewers and good reviews for macro … like they found one example of this after the takeover here and are clinging to it !

Anyhow we’ve had more topics posted here (let alone actual contributions) since 1st March 2021 than they’ve had since February 2020!


I pop back every so often just to lurk and sometimes check a beer I’m sure I’ve had, but haven’t rated on here (hoping to find an old forgotten BA review from me).

Not missing BA at all really, glad I jumped before Todd or his brother closed me down, as I would have lost all my reviews.


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Aw darn, I thought it would be a forum for barrel aged beers.

I joined BA but haven’t really done anything on there.


I keep getting messages trying to get me back

yeah … thats what prompted me to take a look


They do email me quite often.

I think they go in my Junk Box, so easy to ignore!


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Ever since the Bro’s sold out to Untappd they are spamming members accounts.

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I’d say RB UK community is still strong and haven’t been influenced by the not so recent changes. BA is very US centric on the other hand.

Their Trillium topic has more replies this year than all RB US subforums together.

Keep getting email from them, which I just delete without reading them.
Get at least one a week.


Take a look @BlackHaddock and others

Was just browsing BA forum earlier on the back of something else and it looks like they’ve just killed off the UK forum

Just all lumped together in one as ‘Europe’

Unless I’ve missed something?

It’s pretty pathetic … the most recent post is about an American visiting London and something like 18/20 replies are from other americans offering their opinions … all very helpful but just folks who have likely visited 3 or 4 times ever and some not for 5 or more years!

They’ve merged some US subforums as well. Seems users are not too happy with that change.

As for the London thread, I tried to give some advice so I guess I’m in 2/20 alongside replies from German, Norwegian and Scot.

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I love that London visit thread, but at least people are trying to help, even if they haven’t been for years!

I can remember suggesting crawls around London for visitors (when I was active on BA) and rarely got a thanks, or anything post trip to say they did it.


I always thought at least half of the people who posted such threads on BA had zero intention of ever going to visit London / The UK and were just perennial posters / conversation starters.

Even this one the OP says … dreaming of / planning !

Yeah, I gave up in the end. Didn’t see the point in replying to requests for information on trips that didn’t materialise.


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