Bad French translation for Availability

Right now it is shown this way

English = French

I know it is somehow the right way to display it but in french Canadian, we almost always use the term FÛT as a synonym for PRESSION and we say CASK for CASK.

Is it the same elsewhere?

In another subject, you could also add Nitro / Creamer to the choices

Raised this problem already after the initial release because the german translation os literally twice the same word. Cask is cask in german aswell.

Eh, English has some problems too. For availability, it says “Served In Cask | Tap etc” where it should obviously be from not in. This is not one of those circumstances like when Americans claim that a beer was “on” a barrel rather than in one. And of course cask is a type of tap beer rather than an alternative.

And the title on the tab for my profile page “hawthorne00’s from Melbourne user profile and ratings |”.