Bad Traders

Is it proper to list bad traders on Rate Beer. I know that it takes place on other sites, wasn’t sure here.

I’ve been stiffed so I would hope others don’t have to meet the same fate with a certain trader.

Sorry to hear about your bad trade experience. I’d recommend reading the Mediation section here: .

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I guess also the “Trades and the Forums” section…

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Thank you for the info. I believe I am well past 5 messages counting the requests I received a response to with no action. But I have sent three which have received no recent response. I will send two more than look to engage the Mediator.

I’ve pretty much written it off but at least others will be spared getting ripped off by this trader.

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FYI - The Beer mail function has not been working properly. Non-communication issues may be a site problem.

Thank you. I have received responses to other Beer mails though. I’m fairly confident that the trader in question is simply ignoring me. But thank you for the info.