BadWolf closing in a few weeks

BadWolf Brewing To Shut Down In Manassas At The End Of The Month | Manassas, VA Patch

BadWolf was an early entry into the current DMV beer boom. Opening in 2013, there were only a few long-established places and a few relative newcomers (Port City, DC Brau, 3 Stars, Chocolate City).

When they originally opened they planned on never brewing the same beer once. That concept didn’t last long, partly because it’s hard to establish yourself without a core lineup and also the headache of VA ABC rules, at least at the time. Still, they brewed new stuff constantly.

They opened up a larger facility down the street from the original, but that was sold off a few years after it opened. Tucked Away is currently in that larger location.

Their setup really never would have allowed them to grow like pretty much every other brewery out there, so I think it’s been a long time coming since they scaled back.

I returned often, largely because it was an easy place to tick new beers with ease, and the small intimate location was full of fun characters so it was an enjoyable place to chit-chat, even if the beers themselves weren’t mind blowing. Once a lot more breweries opened up closer to me, the drive just couldn’t be justified and I haven’t been back in quite a while.

I never made it there. I had a couple of their beers on tap at festivals in DC here and there, but was almost always underwhelmed. Funny, usually the breweries that close tend to be ones I like for some reason, this one’s the exception.

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It sounds based on their latest social media post that they found a buyer.

They were supposed to have merchandise sales today to liquidate inventory but that event was cancelled. That makes me think that whoever bought it might be reopening it as-is and isn’t taking the equipment elsewhere.

Maybe Adventure or Dynasty are opening another location SMH