Balkan Ticks

Just spotted that one of my local Surrey raters has ticked beers from Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Serbia. So if anyone is after these countries and in London then it’s worth heading to Hampstead Food & Wine*. Walking distance from West Hampstead tube.

*I guess there will be other little offies that do these beers but I’ve yet to come across one.


Is there a website / Facebook page ?

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You know what, I just presumed it was a little minimart and wouldn’t have one.

That’s one to remember, as I just need Kosovo to finish off the Balkans. Used to live in West Hampstead just further up form where it is located, so would be a nice nostalgia trip if I ever make it back there

My Balkan rates are almost nonexistant. One from Serbia and one from Montenegro. Have to check this out.

Cheers @BeardedAvenger for the information and @YantarCoast for the link.

I’ve had beers from all the countries mentioned but I would love to try some more brews from the Balkans given the chance. I have logged the location in my brain and will try and visit next time I am Darn Sarf, our whatever they say.


It would that they actually do mailorder.

Yeah I just saw that and have put an order in, and couldn’t resist some Ajvar, a Balkan speciality peppers & eggplant relish, they also have Croatian wines - my family are originally from Croatia


Cheers for this. Placed an order this morning.

Nice! I need all of those countries except Serbia. Will place an order soon. Cheers.

There’s also a Montenegrin beer (Nikšićko) on there too btw.

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Did people’s orders come through promptly?

No. I had to message them after a week, then they were sent in 2 days


Thinking about placing an order. What does everyone think?

Did you do it @jjsint ?

Only asking because I may well dip my toes into the water soon.


I did @BlackHaddock. Honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed. There were two or three substitutions (to be fair they did call me first). So I only got 2 new country ticks as opposed to the 4 I was hoping for.
I wonder if they ran out due to unprecedented demand!

And of course the beers were terrible but quality wasn’t the point.

So if you don’t mind paying £2 each for a tickable drain pour + shipping (around £7 IIRC), it might be okay. Mind you I’m up to 77 countries now, close to 80 for the medal we used to get.

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Cheers, I don’t think I will bother. Cheap Pale Lagers are not really my thing and that’s mostly what they appear to have at the moment.

I am trying to up my Irish and Northern Ireland ratings, so my dosh will be going over there rather than the Balkans.


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Damn, I’d forgotten about this thread. Never did place an order!

Of the 5 country ticks I needed from there (Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro), only Kosovo (Birra Peja) and Montenegro (Nikšićko Pivo) remain in stock. Not worth placing an order with £7 delivery for 2 shit ticks :frowning:

I wonder how frequently they get new stock in… if I could get all 5 countries I’d be willing.

I got some nice ayvar from them, made it worth the order

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The ajvar is good to be fair