Baltic Porter: Lager?

Just realize that a Baltic Porter is…a lager…is it always the case?

well then I guess The Baltic Porter is for the Porter what the Black IPA is for the India PALE Ale … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Põhjala’s Baltic Porters are ales…

Usually yes, but there are many exceptions.


Polish styled Baltic Porters always are, they are usually bit stronger and a bit more imperial stout like but lagered (around 22 - 24 plato). Some Baltics from Baltic countries more north are sometimes ales.


Põhjala and Pinta had an interesting collab (, which was blend of bottom and top fermented baltic porters.

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What is it then that sets Baltic porters apart from erhm non-Baltic porters? I always thought it was the fact that they were lagers, but that doesn’t seem to be the case…

You could also ask what sets apart imp. porter and imp. stout, especially considering that there are imp. stouts that are bottom fermented :smile:

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Ok, so even more confusion :stuck_out_tongue:

The distinction between porter and stout in the first place has been a very blurry one in the past years especially…

Porters are supposed to use malted barley while stouts use unmalted Barley. Some brewers did not get the memo.

So there is supposed to be no malt in Stouts? :wink:

Porter is a two syllable word starting with p. Stoutzz is eazier

In theory: with addition burnt barley vs burnt or roasted malt, but in practice, brewers do whatever they want )

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