Bar code scanning?

Am I the only one with issues? Does your barcode scanner open and function on the official ratebeer mobile app?

  • Yes, my barcode scanner works
  • No, it doesn’t

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Thanks all for the feedback! We want to be sure the new feature is working perfectly for just about everyone.

Tried three beers, random:

  1. Jopen Many Faced Got (red wine) - barcode scanned, unknown, added to the database
  2. Berne Prior Dubbel - scan failed
  3. Orval - barcode scanned, known, took me directly to Orval

Barcode scanner didn’t work on my Westy 12.


Just tried it again. Pulled out several thing out of cupboard. Some i expected not to exist and didnt find, added. then re checked and found

Some i expected (some there some surprisingly not) worked or Added and Worked

all works Fast and efficiently. The Add Bar code is SUPERB

I see me still using erics app for Bar/Festival rating but for shopping. The Barcode reader is going to be my FRIEND.

Hmm it looks like the scanner is actually working for your phones though.

It doesn’t work on my phone at all.

You holding the Barcode the right way.:smiling_imp: line has to go through it. It doesnt scan the other way.

Im impressed how far away i can hold it and it still scan, just as long as oriented right

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For some reason it doesn’t even access my camera, so the scanner view shows a white square with a line through it

My app scanned with the scanner going either way, horizontal or vertical. I was surprised when it worked holding it vertically.


Android did ask permission to camera and Mic and somethign else
i did just way yeah to all


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It works on my phone.

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for my phone it appears to be an issue with motorola, my phone’s manufacturer. they haven’t provided android developers with a way to access the back camera but they can access the front camera which works with some scanning software but it’s very difficult to scan a label without seeing what you’re doing.


hahaha. sorry to laugh but the image of you trying to scan with front camera is ludicrous. stupid Motorola


The last time I had a Motorola you had to pull the aerial up to talk. Do you still need to do that joet? Can you at least send texts?


This is hilarious. :laughing:

And people wonder why most devs go iOS first… it’s shit like this that drives devs away.

EDIT: Serious question what Motorola do you have? I just remembered I have an Android dev phone somewhere, a Moto G 2nd gen I believe. I could try to replicate the issue on that if you believe it’s with all Motorolas?


Hey joet I just dug out my Moto G 2nd gen and tried bar code scanning. Seemed to work fine. So I guess it’s just you.

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oh no. im not sure on that. i think devs can see beyond the sheep herding of ios. to wanting a phone they can control.

i remember fondly the days of my Nokia N900 when i had root access and spent my bud journey home making home brew Angry Bird levels

you looking for a ban #joesNotLikeThat