Bar code scanning?

Lol I was criticising the poorly made phones, not joe or the devs.


i meant dev users. not even moto devs and definitely not rb devs

I have a Moto X, scanner works fine in the app. Tried six different beers, they all came up instantly. So stop yer slaggin’ of Motorola. :smile:

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And that was using the back camera, FWIW.

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Forgot to point that out in my post too. Back camera on Moto G worked fine. It’s two good versus one bad now Joe. Time to get a new phone? :wink:

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No problems with it on my mobile.

Just tested on iPhone 6SE, fully updated iOS. Scanned beer, said barcode wasn’t in the database, successfully added to the beer!

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A couple of things that would be nice to see with the barcode scanner:

  • It doesn’t ever re-focus. It would be useful if we could tap to refresh.
  • The flashlight doesn’t turn on. I don’t think that should be the default, but there should be an icon that we could tap to force the flashlight on. This would be really useful in darker spaces (i.e., most of the places I do my drinking) to have the option.
  • I’m not sure I get the layout of the screen when it switches to the camera. The white line across the screen seems unnecessary and it would be nicer if the camera view just took up the whole screen.

I’m referring to the iOS version of the app, by the way.

I don’t have any problem with the barcode scanner. Moving the can/bottle or the phone nearer or further away for a couple of times usually ensures re-focusing, at least for my Iphone 7.