Bar or bottle shop (aka the new cgarvieuk thread)

ok. NYC seems to have quite a few Bottle shop/bar combo. now im pretty sure this isn’t unique.

either we need to add places twice or i really think we need a new category of Bottle shop come bar.

on my recent visit we were eating abd and my friends said. lets go for a beer before bed. i went to rb looking for a bar but didn’t see anything decent close . so they said let’s just go next door. on leaving took photo to add to rb as though pretty decent bar though had massive bottle for sale. when i had more time i discovered was on RB but overlooked as was marked as Bottle shop. even though was as good a NY bar as many of the bar only places

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We definitely need more flexibility there.

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New category seems sensible, or the ability to have a secondary category. For example my local bottleshop would probably come under what you said. I wouldn’t really refer to it as a bar and it doesn’t even open late enough, but it does in fact have 10 taps there so could feasibly be both.

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yeah based on a sample of 2, for once im on trend.

the one place in Edinburgh that has both has separate doors so been added as 2 venues. but even if bar shuts early thats im the details. definitely think places worth highlighting as both. I very nearly missed a good nyc location as assumed Bottle shop

I think in most countries it’s actually fairly common that bars also sell beers to go. So that would make a lot of bar/bottle shop entries. But it would be nice to have another check box stating if there are beers to go or not. Or if a bottle shop serves beer on the premises.

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I think (for me at least) theres a significant difference between bars that sell beers to go, and Bar / Bottle shop combo.

Im not suggesting every bar that allows off sales be marked as both. But if the Location has Several Tap, and bottle laid out on shelves for wandering round (and bottle shop rather than bar prices) then i think theres value in being Clear that this is a good place to visit , either because your after a bar or because your after bottles to take away

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some bars also have different prices to takeaway than to drink-in.

“if a bottle shop serves beer on the premises.”…this. Its always nice to have one to sip on while you do your shopping…