Bargain Booze

This could be brilliantif its rolled out.

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Mine sells Frosty Jack and White lightening. So Stockport may only be the second best.

Problem is Bargain Booze is a franchise, each store owner is responsible for what is stocked in their store, albeit presumably with some guidelines. Given the market share of craft beer in the UK being a little over 1% and the fact they even that one in Stockport still sells shitloads of Stella I think it would be an extremely hard sell for the vast majority of franchise owners. Manchester is probably one of the few cities it can do well in.

There are two user comments on the article you linked, both shunning craft beer due to price. The vast majority of people just don’t get it, and probably never will, we are a tiny niche. I’d love to see more shops carrying a range of craft but can’t see it happening any time soon sadly.

Not sure if many folk are aware but the Wine Rack chain of shops also comes under the Bargain Booze umbrella and like Chris mentions they also seem to have free reign to stock what they want and prices at the one we used to use in Yarnton were excellent. Sadly that one has now closed down but it is worth checking out some of these places as they can vary wildly from one shop to another in terms of stock.

Rochdale is a largish town and granted its not the most well to do place. But there is a real dearth of decent beer avalible in bottle shops only one worth mentioning and thats a 10 mile round trip for me. Unless im buying online its supermarket sweep or striking lucky in b and m.

If its not even got oranjeboom black they are just playing at it.

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I’m interested to hear where you are getting that statistic from. Last time I read about market share of craft in the UK it was at just under 10%:

Woops. Got my stats confused. Thanks for the correction!

However the figures vary a lot depending on who you ask and what they are defining as “craft” as we lack a specific definition here in the UK. 10% I feel is optimistic. BrewDog just last week released their business stats stuff on the EFP forums and the figure they gave was 3.6% which is disappointing but in fairness possibly more realistic. I’m sure I had some other figures somewhere but I appear not to have bookmarked the website, will have to have a look later.

Interestingly, BD claim 46% of all craft beer sales in the UK are their own. I knew they were big but I didn’t realise they had quite such dominance, I actually thought people had been moving away from them as of late.

The most vocal ‘craft’ drinkers in online forums seem to veer away from BD (i think simply because its not cool enough, and you can get it in wetherspoons, and newbies drink it) but its still very much a gateway beer & i think will remain so. Not too surprised by its dominance - its often the only craft option available in many pubs, hotel bars, Tesco Extras etc… even my brother drinks it on a night out, and he knows nothing about beer whatsoever.

Yeah good point. I try to surround myself in a number of different beer communities (RB, UKCBF, Reddit) but I guess even between these it can still be an echo chamber at times with certain opinions and feelings towards certain breweries.

I had no luck finding the article I was looking for regarding the craft beer market share in the UK so I only have BrewDog’s figures to go on, along with the ones from the link yantarcoast posted.

Re last point…yes maybe the early adopters are moving away but as they are in supermarkets, available on easyjet and in wetherspoon they have a much bigger reach so doesn’t surprise me at all with that stat…and we’ll done to them too!

I like the fact that I can stop off at a little Coop shop on the way home and pick up 3 bottles of BD Punk IPA for a fiver.

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