Barking Rose and Forge

Just visited Barking Rose pub yesterday. Really nice, scenic farm brewery. Didn’t realize until I arrive and saw the old Forge car that it was the same brewer. Many of the beers are even the same names. Should we include the former ones as aliases I was wondering? AKA Barking Rose Daywalker is the alias of Forge Daywalker or vice versa?

Anyway, would highly recommend as a visit. Right near Powers Brewery which is another scenic farm brewery.

If it’s the same brewer with a new name, then yes, create the new entries and alias the old ones to the new ones.

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I think that makes the most sense. When the new place opened I wasn’t sure how much he’d rely on his previous beers.

Same owner, same brewer, brewing some of the same beers.

Makes sense to me.

Now some other admin told me not to do that on private message when I sent in change request

One thing to throw in here is how much different is this situation than a client brewer who contracts their beers switching contract brewers? We don’t create new entries if a client brewer changes breweries if it’s the same recipe, right? Otherwise we’ll need to break out a number of Trader Joes and Kirkland brand beers (among many others) for each time their contract brewer changed.

What about the breweries that brew in-house and also at contract breweries? I was under the impression that early on Adroit Theory used Beltway Brewing’s facility for bottling beers like B/A/Y/S but kegged smaller batches of the same beer in-house (of course this could be totally wrong).

I personally think that the alias move seems prudent. It’s the same beer/brewer/owner. I kind of get this with situations where one of those three may not be the same. A situation like the former Bardo Brewing and the current Bardo Brewing remain separate. They may include some of the same owners (not all the same owners), but the brewer is different, even if the recipes are the same.

So do the fuck you/they want, not my jurisdiction :wink:

And what better idea they came up with?

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Man they lack so much consistency that every batch should be considered a new entry, each with its own brand of unique contamination :rofl:

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Anything happen with this?

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