Bass Jubilee=Bass Kings Ale?

It’s aliased as such.

I did some googling and from what I read, Jubilee is a rebottling of the Kings Ale but how can that be?

To create even more confusion Bass kept a large supply of original bottles, labels and corks. These have been used to relabel and re-bottle the beer over a very long period. When Bass at Burton celebrated their bi-centennary in 1977, a quantity of the beer was re-bottled with original labels and corks.

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Great reads there, thanks!
Since I have a quart bottle of the Jubilee, I reckon that I will drink some and pour the rest in a Growler for future tasting. Maybe a sharing. The carbonation certainly can’t be lively so no harm can be done. Flat Old Ales were satisfying to me in the past.

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Funny, I have a huge bottle of Prince’s Ale from 1929 (I think). Those two together would be a hell of a tasting…!



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